Saturday, January 29, 2005

Damn sinful bunnies...

What is it with these faggy cartoon characters these days? First there was Spongebob, trying to lure kids into the evil of treating people with dignity and respect, and now we've got Buster from Postcards from Buster trying to lure them into becoming maple sugaring lesbians.

PBS has decided to bury an episode of the cartoon show because it showed a family where the parents are two women. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings said that it wasn't appropriate because many parents would object to their children being shown a family that included lesbians.

Apparently, however, it is perfectly acceptable to show Mormon and other fundamentalist Christians, which the Postcards from Buster show has shown. So it's OK to portray religions that treat women as second-class citizens, but not a "lifestyle" that pisses off the Right?

The whole fucking point of this show is to expose kids to all sorts of people and families. Some like them and some different. Regardless of what the radical Right likes to think, gay people are here to stay, and gay families aren't going anywere. So for a member of the government to try to sweep this uncomfortable fact under the rug because they don't follow conservative Christian theology is abhorrent, to say the least.

I'd like to point out that this was Secretary Spellings second day of work. Really, what with No Child Left Behind massively underfunded, with Alabama keeping segregation era language in their constitution so that they wouldn't have to form a decent public school system, and all the other problems with our education system in this country, you'd think that she could find something better to do than censor a kid's cartoon TV show in her first week on the job.

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