Monday, January 17, 2005

Very bad, indeed

The New York Times had an amusing editorial today talking about the end of Crossfire, and how it and red-faced-screaming-talking-head shows like it have badly influenced the news media. We saw this prominently during the election, when FOX News anchors basically spouted White House talking points left and right. Or should that be right and right?

CNN has stated that they are moving to a more news-oriented programming lineup. Probably to their benefit, now that the election is over.

The editorial ended on a great note, which I just want to share:

And last month, when the tsunami hit Asia, viewers got a chance to notice what they were in danger of losing to talk TV. CNN, with a comparatively large international army of journalists at its disposal, went out and covered the story. Fox News and MSNBC had to depend more on conversationalists in the studio, all of whom agreed that tidal waves were very, very bad.

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David said...

I, too, think tsunamis are very, very bad. Does this mean Tucker Carlson and I are soulmates?