Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I blame his deathstyle

Warning: There are what may be dangerously high levels of insensitivity in this post.

The Lord struck down Jerry Falwell today. Falwell had a tendency to blame the misfortune in people's lives for either their sin or the sins of those around them. So one wonders what Falwell did to bring about the wrath of the Almighty.

Perhaps I take his words a bit personally. But he accused me being the cause of the terrorist attacks five years ago. He pointed his finger in my face and said I helped 9/11 happen. So yes, I take that personally. As of last week, he was still claiming it, even after his so called "apology".

I take no particular pleasure in his death, but I do not mourn him. I am sorry for what his family is going for and, frankly, hope none of them ever read this.

But he was an odious man with vile beliefs who said repugnant things. The world is better off without him.


Anonymous said...

You know, death is never a joy, regardless of who it may be. Yet it can be a relief, if not for the individual than for those they touched. All I have to say, for those who believe, which way will the elevator take him?

MidlifeMutant said...

I take particular pleasure in his death and I do not mourn him.