Sunday, May 20, 2007

The stuff nightmares are made of

You know how, when you're out running errands or something, you're in the middle of the store, and it occurs to you, "Wait. Did I remember to put on pants this morning?" And then you actually have to stop and check? Does that happen to everyone, or just me?


Vogue said...

I have a couple of different scenarios. I will obsess about whether I locked the door, fed the cat or turned off something that could cause a fire. Or, if not that, I will continually check my pockets to see if I have my wallet, phone and keys. It really causes me small moments of panic when I've left something at home on purpose, but have forgotten and find them missing from my pockets.

Matthew said...

Um, I never get as far as the store, but there've been a few times when I've had to do the pants-check when walking out of the house.

Fig said...

I left my house my intern year and was in the car with the car turned on before I realized I left my house without my shirt. It was the seatbelt going across bare skin that clued me in. December in Michigan, that seatbelt was COLD!

On the other hand I was doing every-other night call and working 120hr weeks so I feel like I have an okay excuse.

David said...

Isn't it funny that so many of us do that, but feel wonky about admitting it? (Vogue, my OCD-like moment is being halfway to work and wondering whether I locked the front door.)

I think Fig takes first prize, though. What I want to know is: How, in the winter did you make it all the way into the car before you noticed the lack of clothing? Wasn't there, you know, a windchill outside? I hope your bra was fleece-lined. ;-)