Saturday, June 05, 2004

Fifteen years

Tiananmen tank guy It has been fifteen years to they day since the massacre in Tiananmen Square. It's a bit of a cliche that we in the US take our freedoms for granted, but it's also rather true. I think we often forget that we're lucky to live in a country where speaking out against the President and his war isn't treason (well, not until Ann Coulter gets appointed to Queen Bitch of the World, anyway) and that, once upon a time, people actually had to fight and die to secure our freedoms. Part of the reason that we even have the Second Amendment is so that we will always have the ability to keep our government in check.

Not everyone in the world is so lucky. China is not only the most populous country in the world, it's the largest totalitarian government. Fifteen years ago, the government had hundreds of people killed, just for saying that they would like to have a democratic government.

That same event gave us what is probably one of the most recognizable images from the twentieth century. Had it happened here, would you have been the one to stand in front of the tank?

His name -- and his fate -- are still unknown.

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