Wednesday, June 09, 2004


(Apologies to Wonkette for the title.)

I didn't want to write about Reagan until some time had passed; it seemed in bad taste, somehow. But with parallel Republican plans to place him on the $20 bill AND the $10 bill AND the dime, I figure my comments are reasonable.

I'm not sure how much the Reagan administration actually ignored the AIDS epidemic compared to how much gay activists claimed he did. I was 13 when it's claimed he first publicly addressed the issue, so a lot of the early epidemic is history for me rather than personal experience. The truth probably lies somwhere between the two extremes. But with round-the-clock Republican political masturbation and CNN being turned into the all-Reagan's-casket-all-the-time network, I found this letter to a friend rather poignant.

More later when I'm not at work.

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