Tuesday, June 22, 2004

OJ (no not that one)

David called me this evening to make sure I caught the first episode of Outback Jack tonight. This is the reality show where they take a bunch of women and throw them in the Australian Outback with some big Aussie hunk.

I watched the first few minutes of it, and was struck by the women. They are all stick-thin, vapid, and modelish-looking. Now, I'm sure TBS is editing the hell out of the clips to make them seem like airheads. After all, that's the show's schtick. But something else struck me as odd. There's the token black chick, four brunettes, and the remaining seven women are all blonde, in varying degrees of natural-blondeness. The women are, on average, four year's younger than "Jack's" 28 years. (One presumes Jack's real name of Vadim Dale just sounded to ... ethnic or something.)

It seems like we're getting one too many of these shows. The first one or two were interesting, but now they're cropping up all over the place. Are we really such a nation of couch potatos that we're fascinated by watching other people date people and have lives that we are unable to get any of our own?

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