Sunday, September 05, 2004


I'm embarassed to say I was watching ESPN this evening. I feel so ... heterosexual. I hope I will be redeemed by the fact that it was the 2004 World Poker Championship. This is *so* much more cutthroat than Celebrity Poker Challenge. It's also a bit harder to follow since there are 2,500 players instead of 5.

It's amusing that the primary sponsor seems to be Milwaukee's Best Light. As we're reminded at every commercial break, that's Milwaukee's Best Light: Brewed for a Man's Taste. They never specify which part of the man it's supposed to taste like, though. The fact, however, that sponsor that always follows MBL is Levitra, makes the mind boggle. Milwaukee's Best Light: Brewed For the Man That Can't Get It Up. Or maybe one is just supposed to drink so many that one can't properly function anymore, and that's what the Levitra is for.

[I wrote this a few days ago and accidentally saved it as a draft, rather than posting it.]

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