Sunday, May 16, 2004

I find this creepy

I was looking up vendor websites at work the other day, and came across one that had a small, strange graphic on it. The big goof off that I am, I looked it up, and came across the Fellowship of Companies for Christ, now called Christ@Work. They claim that their mission is to equip company leaders to operate their businesses according to biblical principles. I'm not sure what biblical principles would apply to a business, except maybe killing people that do work on Sundays. [Exodus 35:2]

They have a questionnaire on their website that tells you to what degree Christ is "@Work" in your company. One of the questions is, "You are providing a great witness to your vendors by ... paying them in a very timely fashion." How is this a particularly Christian virtue, other than just being a decent human being? Do, say, Jews not pay their bills on time?

Another great question they ask is, "You arrange for employee prayer time before, after or during business hours." Oh, now that's positively creepy. All employees will now report to the cafeteria for Communion.

My favorite is, "You allow God to run your business, and you try to stay out of His way." Well He had better get to stocking the shelves, we just got new inventory in. And I hope He is a good bookkeeper.

Really, is this appropriate for a workplace? OK, maybe if it's a family business where everyone can be expected to be a Christian, it's one thing, but in our society, there are people that aren't. Some are Christians, but aren't evangelical. Some are even (gasp!) Jewish. I feel very bad for anyone that works in such an unwelcoming workplace.

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