Sunday, May 30, 2004

You are old, Father Eric

I have a new-found respect for waitresses and anyone else that spends all day on his or her feet. I wasn't expecting my feet to hurt this much after spending all day in the lab. And getting off them doesn't seem to help all that much, either. I think it just restores all the bloodflow to the areas that had been missing it; when they wakeup, they wake up angry.

Of course, wasting half a day in the lab because we couldn't get a computer working right, doesn't do much for my mood. It seems a software update had been installed that changed all the commands from Alt-(letter) to just (letter). Took us four hours to realize that. We'd rebooted the machine and had been looking for mechanical faults for some time when I foumd that out. You'd think that an important change like that might have made into -- oh, I don't know -- the freaking instructions?

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