Tuesday, September 14, 2004

ALFIL 2: Casting

David wants to know who should be cast in the movie version of Almost Like Falling in Love.

Like I said, Fried Green Tomatoes was written with a similar device, and they managed to turn it into a reasonably good movie. The key, I think, is to stay true to the story, but you have to abandon the literary device the book can use. As for who to cast it, I'm not sure. I'm never any good at those things. I'd be concerned that they'd probably cast hot late-twenty-somethings to play the characters in high school, and early-thirty-somethings to play them later in life.

Craig needs to be someone that you can believe was a jock in high school, and is now a lawyer. Buff and fills out a suit real well. Jeremy Piven? He's just about the right age and height as well. Travis is the nerdier/obsessive compulsive one, which in Hollywood terms means he's buff and wears glasses. He's especially quirky, and Johnny Depp could pull that off beautifully. But maybe he just springs to mind because I recently saw Secret Window.

Most importantly, they need to have a great and believable chemistry together. That's not the easist thing in the world to achieve, and I doubt Depp and Piven would have it.

As for Clayton, I'd go for John Corbett. Then again, I'm in the midst of season four of Sex and the City, where he plays a sensitive yet butch carpenter, much like Clay.

Just please, God, no Rupert Everett.

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