Monday, September 20, 2004

CSI minus one

I like CSI, because it's a bit of a geeky show. Marg Helgenberger is a hoot to watch, George Eads is hot, Eric Szmanda is hot in his own little nerdy way, and even William L. Petersen is fun to watch playing Grissom's quirkyness. CSI: Miami, however, is dreck. I watched the few episodes because I'd enjoyed the original CSI, and rather regretted it. I still tune in now and then because I have no life and it's something to do. The writers for this show have so little originality they even reused the boss-has-a-thing-for-a-coworker subplot from the original. It doesn't help that David Caruso has a single facial expression: constipated.

CBS has been hyping the hell out of the season premiere because one of the characters is going to die in this ep. Gee, CBS, thanks for ruining what could have been a dramatic moment. I'll probably tune in just to find out who it was. [1] I warn you though, the only reasons left to sit through this show are because Rory Cochrane is cute in an odd sort of way, and to hear Emily Proctor talk. She was fun on the West Wing, and is one of the few good points of the show. Kill everybody else off, you'd be doing us all a favor.

[1] And, crap, now that I've looked up the show in IMDB, I think I know who it is. Listing an actor as "(2002-2004)" pretty much gives it away.

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